Recruiting the Right People

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to recruit and retain the right people?
it is not enough to find people who can do a job … but people who will do it and enjoy doing it right. 
In many cases this level of recruiting starts with the organization’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Intent. Clear brand definitions have significant impact on the people within an organization, as well as, those who aspire to be. If you hire someone who just needs a job, they will just work for your money, when you attract people who understand and share belief in your true brand promise, they are more likely to embody the customer experience your brand promise represents.

Defining your brand strategy in a clear, concise, and compelling way is critical component to attracting the right people. When your aligned strategy is in place it becomes easier to define the right roles.  From the right roles you can determine the right competencies, for the right person to do the the right things, and do them right … and with a little more digging you can determine if the right person will consistently perform the role … and enjoy it.

Too many organizations build roles around people and not strategy.  We work with our clients to design an effective talent acquisition process to not only hire the right competencies for the job at hand, but the right behaviors as well. We also deliver the science to sustain performance through understanding the individual drivers within the  sales and marketing team and how to leverage them to promote outstanding results.

Attracting and retaining superior sales and marketing people isn’t easy … that’s why many organizations seem to have a revolving door shuffling sales and marketing assets in and out… in essence playing the numbers.  Our clients are ready to invest in human resources in a way that is proven to bring a higher return.  Ask us how we can make a difference for your sales and marketing efforts with guaranteed results.

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