Everyone is in sales and marketing

With the new millennium came the era of the self enabled consumer, fundamentally changing the level of engagement required to win the hearts and minds of your customer. Gone are the simple days of promoting a product or service through a catchy marketing campaign, loyalty card, or “good service”. It seems as if every one has a marketing voice today, so much so, that the level of noise surrounding your customer is so overwhelming that it is virtually impossible for them to differentiate.  So how do you rise above the noise?

We feel the answer is the journey. Your customer is on a decision journey with several possible touch-points throughout your organization. This journey could bring them into a social media site, marketing, sales, PR, service, or literally anywhere your business interacts with people. How they feel along the way dictates much of your business outcome. Poor customer experience serves to marginalize a good product, and decimate your margin.

Our bottom line thinking is everyone in your organization is in sales and marketing.  Effective use of your associates vastly expands your marketing reach … even expanding to your customer … creating a marketing and sales “force majeure” that propels your brand value above the noise.

Designing a great customer engagement marketing and sales strategy with outstanding customer experience means taking several extra steps.  One is to know your customer, perhaps better than they may know themselves. Effective use of data and channels creates the opportunity for your customer to embark on their own journey,  effectively interacting with your organization and delighting in the experience.

 We certainly didn’t invent this concept. Nevertheless, we do know how to work with our clients as they create effective customer journeys of their own.

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