Sales Process Transformation

Faced with increasing marketing noise, continued pressure to capture greater revenue from existing customers, penetrate new and emerging markets and address declining profit margins, many leading organizations look to transform the performance of their sales teams. SPC’s Sales Transformation services enable sales executives to improve sales performance by aligning their strategic resources, harnessing sales talent and optimizing sales operations.


Through our sales transformation approach, Sales Performance Coach guides clients in achieving the optimal balance between the business and art of the sale.

Most importantly, we can stay with you addressing the issues that derail most transformations; change management. The results help companies address competitive threats and maximize profitability; accelerate desired sales competencies and behaviors; deliver world-class sales operations; and, generate a level of authenticity within the sales organization that will energize the entire enterprise.

Our comprehensive approach enables sales organizations to:

  • Improve sales effectiveness, especially for complex products
  • Increase revenue, and address margins
  • Penetrate new markets
  • Expand the channel mix
  • Develop core-authentic selling skills.

To bring more business acumen to the sales process, we use world-class methods, tools and fact-based approaches to identify areas for improvement. Of course we can assist in the integration of sales force automation technology and provide step-by-step guidance in operational engineering of sales processes, we help our clients improve each stage of the sales life cycle.

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