Organizational Consulting

Driving sales performance is not limited to hiring the right people, training them, promoting to their goals, and leading them well. Most importantly sales is not just a department or even an extension of the organization, it is the organization. SPC helps clients improve not only sales performance, but overall financial performance as well, we show our clients how to make their organizations better places to work and do business with, by ensuring the entire organization system is aligned and set up to deliver on the company’s brand promise.

We know the sales process is not limited to the sales function, it spans the enterprise, and when there are gaps between strategy and execution, the enterprise organizational design is usually part of the problem. We have studied hundreds of organizations and have found the while some organizations seem to work, they accomplish what they set out to do and their associates are engaged and driven to perform… they represent a striking minority. Most organizations struggle with communication problems, redundancy, silos, and a lack of clarity…standards…and accountability to effectively execute strategy.

Our performance through alignment organizational assessment process looks at your organization holistically. For example we know information technology has dramatically changed how you sell, and that many companies have tried to “modernize” their sales process, but leave in place an outdated organizational structure. We look deeper at:

  • Leadership behaviors and alignment. Leadership behaviors are one of the critical “soft” elements that research shows are most important in driving sales performance. By determining an organization’s decision effectiveness and thus its performance, we often find immediate opportunity for lift. When a client company’s leadership behaviors and decision style have to change—adapting to a different strategy or the arrival of new leaders, for example, our assessment process helps leadership reach agreement on the desired decision style aligned with the company’s strategic intent, and then define and demonstrate the required behaviors.
  • Management process. Well-executed critical management processes are essential to a company’s performance. SPC’s practical, structured approach to management processes aligns the decision-making process with critical elements of the strategy to drive faster, better decisions, more productive meetings and efficient execution. We work with clients to develop tailored management practices and build the skills and behaviors that lead to enduring results.
  • We also address:      
    • Decision processes, decision rights, decision effectiveness
    • Organizational design and structure
    • Talent management and leadership
    • Measures and incentives
    • The impact of a company culture on the sales function
    • Extensive change management

There is much more to our performance through alignment process… connect with us for more information on how we can help you drive sales performance.  

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