Sales Strategy and Channel Effectiveness

No matter what you sell, there has been constant disruption throughout most every market. Customers have ready access to extensive product information, giving them the advantage before they engage with a sales representative and allowing them to demand more customized products. Upstart competitors, meanwhile, use digital, or disruptive, channels to sell direct at ever-lower prices that entice customers to try their product. Few companies have fully prepared for the structural changes taking place in the sales arena. In some industries, the sales process is rapidly migrating online, where a growing share of products are bought without customers and sales representatives even connecting.

These trends have profound implications. To start, the distinction between marketing and sales is fading, as marketing must play a larger role in the sales process. We firmly believe that the entire enterprise is the marketing and sales organization, and that customer experience demands are well beyond what is available in the market today. What’s more, the traditional role of the sales representative in identifying needs and communicating product features is waning, and the ranks of quota-carrying reps without relevant expertise in the industry, will disappear, as customers demand a better experience.

Finally, in this environment selling costs can grow faster than revenue, without a concerted effort to rein in the creeping complexity that stems from product line expansion as the typical answer to customer satisfaction is expanded product … but the answer is often not product driven satisfaction, but associate driven customer experience. We believe the disruptive market is a source of great opportunity. We help our clients master their sales strategy, then their channel(s) and delight their customer.

Our approach focuses on:

  • Know your target customer(s)– develop a sales system that matches the right offer at the right time to the right target market segment and does so by providing an outstanding customer experience.
  • Know your customer value and values – “your front line is your bottom line” they must know the customer’s value to your business growth and profitability, and be able to articulate that value.
  • Know the right channel mix – connect low and high touch channels with the corresponding customer preference, deliver the right sales capacity to match customer expectations, and deliver a matching level of service to delight them by not putting them in a box.
  • Know resource alignment – seamlessly align marketing priorities with sales channel mix and capacity … even better seamlessly align marketing, sales, service, and operations, in an effective and efficient interdependent system that provides ROI, and seamless customer experience.
  • Know leadership and management – people are not the most important asset, the right people are. Develop and recruit real talent through outcome based acquisition processes, elevate your expectations and strengthen capabilities.
  • Know why – unlock the power of performance through alignment, get the most out of your sales force and drive new expectations throughout the enterprise.

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