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Recruiting top performing people who understand and believe in what you offer does not have to be difficult. Recruiting starts with your organization’s Mission, and Vision … who you are and why you do what you do. While compensation is important, and many believe that pins, points, plaques, and trips can prod performance … it”s not enough.  Clear brand definitions have significant impact on the people within an organization and are key to attracting talent with the competency to perform, and the right behavioral alignment to consistently perform.

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Leadership and management are complimentary processes in your organization that work together to get things done. Do your associates know when to lead and when to manage? Management used to be about the control, capture, and dissemination of information … how do you manage when your team can Google whats going on faster than your managers can talk with them?  Leaders and managers need new tools to deal with a level of transparency never encountered before.  They need to become Truth-Leaders – delivering substance, and confidence, through authentic communication.

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With the new millennium came the era of the self enabled consumer, fundamentally changing the level of engagement required to win the hearts and minds of your customer. Gone are the simple days of promoting a product or service through traditional marketing and sales processes.  Instead, your customer is on a decision journey with several possible touch-points throughout your organization … how you handle those touch-points often dictates the outcome.To win the hearts and minds of your customer you must first win the hearts and minds of your associates.


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